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Microwave Cooking Tips

I find these tips are very useful for me and sharing with all of you. I gone through these tips from the book of 101 Microwave Recipes by Nita Mehta.

Microwave Cooking Tips

* Never over-cook food as it becomes tough and leathry. Give the dish a little standing time before you test it, to avoid over cooking.

* Never pile food on top of each other. It cooks better, evenly and quickly when spaced apart.

* Food cooks better in a round container than in a square on. In square or rectangularbowls, the food gets overcooked at the corners.

* Do not add salt at the time of starting the cooking as it leads to increase in the cooking time.

* Do not add more water than required, however a little water must be added to prevent dehydration of the vegetables. When the vegetables get dehydrated, there is a loss of natural juices as well. But adition of extra water icreases the cooking time.

* Do not deep fry in a microwave ( the temperature of oil cannot be controlled )

* Do not cook eggs in their shells (pressure will cause them to explode )

* Do not cook & reheat puddings having alcohol ( they can easily catch fire.)

* Do not use contaieners with rstricted openings, such as bottles.

* Use deep dishes to prepare graies, filling the dish only 3/4 to avoid spillage.

* Do not use aluminium foil for covering dishes in the microwave mode. Do not reheat foods (sweets like ladoos, bufi etc. ) with silver sheet, as it leads to sparking.

* When using the convec mode put the dish on the wire ract to get even baking.

* Always preheat the oven when you want to use the convec mode Grilling does not need preheating.

* When making tikkas or other tandoori delicacies cover the plate beneath the rack with aluminium foil to collect the drippings.

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