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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Green Bean Soup/Mung Bean Soup|Chinese Dessert Recipe

Green bean soup is one of a Chinese dessert which I tasted recently, I could guess the ingredients but still wanted to go for an authentic recipe and I got the recipe here which is easy to prepare at home. 

Red Bean Paste Pancake | A Chinese Dessert Recipe

Pancakes(baobing) in Chinese cooking can be broadly divided into two categories – the thin and the thick. Traditionally it is the thin that will be used as accompaniments for many Chinese cai dishes, while there are several variations, both sweet and savoury, for the thick pancake.

Sweet bean paste is widely used as a filling for steamed buns(baozi), cakes and other desserts.  Red bean paste pancakes is a popular dessert served in most non Cantonese restaurants.  It is very easy to prepare and cook at home.

Recipe source – “The Chinese Kitchen by deh-ta hsiung”

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Red Bean Bao/Baozi/Pow/Pau|Steamed Red Bean Buns|Chinese Snack Recipes

Steamed buns (Mantou) are Chinese equivalent of western bread. They used to be the staple fan of North China, where rice was regarded as luxury food for the better-off. Mantou are steamed rather than baked and always eaten piping hot. These are still widely eaten in China although no longer as a main meal (except for breakfast) but as a snack or part of a meal.

Besides plain mantou, which usually accompany savoury cai dishes, there are two basic types of steamed buns, sweet or savoury .These are known as baozi (filled mantou).

We love these buns with sweet fillings and I made red bean bao/baozi/pao/pau/paw.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stir fried Bak Choy/Pak Choi/Chao Bai Cai – Stir fried Chinese White Cabbage

Bak Choy is a common Chinese cabbage called xiao bai cai (little white cabbage) in order to distinguish it from da bai cai (big white cabbage), known as Chinese leaf. Bak Choy is simply the Cantonese pronunciation of bai cai. Bak choy is one of Chinese cuisine’s most venerable vegetables, a tasty green that resembles Swiss chard.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Glutinous rice balls/Tang Yuan/Red Bean Dumplings - A Chinese Dessert Recipe

Glutinous rice balls/Tang Yuan is a Chinese dessert which is served on any auspicious family celebrations.  These round and sticky balls can be unfilled or filled with sweet fillings like red bean, sesame, peanut etc.

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