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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cheese Thosai


Thosai battter(without salt) - 1 laddle
Cheddar cheese(grated) - 3 tablespoons


Heat thosai pan, pour a ladle of thosai batter and spread it to make a thosai.

Spread grated cheddar cheese along the thosai, cover with a lid and cook until done.

Serve hot.

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schmetterlingwords said...

Woww... cheese thosai is indeed a very creative idea!! Glad your kids liked it... Thank you for linking this with Healthy Morsels - Baby and Toddler foods :)

Jemini said...

Thanks for the comment. yes they did like it.

Reshmi Ahmed said...

Hopefully my kids would love this as well. wish me luck ;) Thank you for sending this to Healthy Morsels- Baby and Toddler Foods :)

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