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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet Sesame Balls : (ellurundai) & Microwave cooking tips


Sesame seeds - 2 cups

Palm sugar or Jaggery powdered - 1 cup


Mix palm sugar powder with sesame seeds and grind coursely.

Now make it as balls.

This is easy to make and very healthy food.

Microwave Cooking Tips

I find these tips are very useful for me and sharing with all of you. I gone through these tips from the book of 101 Microwave Recipes by Nita Mehta.

Microwave Tips

* Never over-cook food as it becomes tough . Give the dish a little standing time before you test it, to avoid over cooking.

* Never pile food on top of each other. It cooks better, evenly and quickly when spaced apart.

* Food cooks better in a round container than in a square on. In square or rectangularbowls, the food gets overcooked at the corners.

* Do not add salt at the time of starting the cooking as it leads to increase in the cooking time.

* Do not add more water than required, however a little water must be added to prevent dehydration of the vegetables. When the vegetables get dehydrated, there is a loss of natural juices as well. But addition of extra water increases the cooking time.

* Do not deep fry in a microwave ( the temperature of oil cannot be controlled )

* Do not cook eggs in their shells (pressure will cause them to explode )

* Do not cook & reheat puddings having alcohol ( they can easily catch fire.)

* Do not use containers with restricted openings, such as bottles.

* Use deep dishes to prepare gravies, filling the dish only 3/4 to avoid spillage.
* Do not use aluminium foil for covering dishes in the microwave mode. Do not reheat foods (sweets like ladoos, bufi etc. ) with silver sheet, as it leads to sparking.

* When using the convec mode put the dish on the wire ract to get even baking.

* Always preheat the oven when you want to use the convec mode Grilling does not need preheating.

* When making tikkas or other tandoori delicacies cover the plate beneath the rack with aluminium foil to collect the drippings.

Interesting Uses of Microwave

*Making Ghee. Keep 11/2 - 2 cups malai (milk topping) in a big glass bowl and microwave on high for 15-20 minutes to get desi ghee without burning your kadhai (wok). Stir once or twice inbetween.

*Blanching almonds to remove skin. put almonds in a small bowl of water and mirowave for 3 minutes or till water just starts to boil. After the water cools, the almonds can be peeled very easily.

*Freshening stale chips, biscuits or cornflakes. Place the chips or biscuits in a napkin, uncovered, for about 1 minute per bowl or until they feel warm. Wait for a few minutes to allow cooling and serve.

*Boiling (actually microwaving) potatoes. Wash potatoes & put them in a polythene bag. Microwave high for 5 minutes for 4 medium potatoes.

* Making khatti mithi chutney. Mix 1 tbsp amchur, 3 tbsp sugar, some water along with spices in a glass bowl. Microwave, stirring in between.

* Warming baby’s milk bottle. Do check the temperature of the milk on your inner wrist. The bottle will not become hot, while the milk will.

* Softening too-hard ice cream, cram, cheese and butter.

* Making dry bread crumbs from fresh bread. Crumble the slice of bread and microwave the bits of slices for 2-3 minutes. Mix once and microwave further for another minute or two. Give some standing time to the moist bread to dry out and then grind in a mixer to get crumbs.

*Drying herbs. Fresh parsley, dill, mint, coriander, fenugreek greens – all greens can be dried in a microwave, preserving the colour. Give them some standing time to turn dry. Use them in raitas and curries.

* Melting chocolate, butter, jam, honey etc. Dissolving gelatine.

* Sterilizing jars for storing home made jams and pickles.

* Freshening stale bread by placing 2 slices between the folds of a paper and microwaving for 20 seconds. It turns absolutely soft and the stale bread becomes perfect for sandwiches.

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